Dropispy, Adspy, Minea : Which one to choose for Dropshipping product research in 2022?

Do you want to take part in an ecommerce adventure?

Do you wish to establish a profitable online business for selling and earning a living?

Dropispy Adspy or Minea are essential tools in an online business. These tools allow you to search for products and identify those that have been sold in the marketplace. You can then sell them on your online store.

These tools make it easy for e-merchants to do their job.

These tools handle all aspects and are why they are the best product searching tools in 2022.

Although the principles of operation are the same, product finder software tools can have differences in price, functionality, handling, and other aspects. It can be hard to make the right choice, especially when it is about choosing among the best.

Below is a comparison guide that will enable you to determine which tool is best for your business.

1.         Dropispy

Dropispy entered the Adspy market and quickly became a favorite tool for dropshippers. Dropispy’s algorithm searches Facebook to locate and store all ads.

Dropispy makes it easy to find any type of event ad, product sales ads or training sales. Dropispy can find the products that your competitors are selling, regardless of how you sell online.

Dropispy currently collects ads on Facebook. It is the first social platform to which advertisers can turn to for product information.

Dropispy makes it easy to search for products, which is a big difference from other tools that we’ll be discussing. You just need to log in and have full access to the entire advertising library.

Every day, over 20000 new ads are created. The app allows you to filter ads and display only those that match certain criteria.

Dropispy searches can be based on text or keywords in an advertisement. Dropshipping terms like “Free shipping,” Free shipping, Free shipping, Buy, or Buy Now are commonly used. These terms can also be used for advertising research. You have many options to filter your search for more optimized results.

In addition, Dropispy is also distinguished by its “Shop spy” tool which allows you to analyze competitor shops

It is unnecessary to spend time analyzing marketing strategies of your competitors using other tools.

You can simply copy and paste the link to your competitor’s Dropispy account to access qualitative data. This data will give you an extra clue as to what product is best for you.

Dropispy’s final criterion sets it apart from other competitors. Its price. In general, the cost of the apps required to open an online store can be quite high at €100 per year. This is a major problem for people who want to get their start but don’t possess the necessary funds.

Dropispy is a good option for anyone who wants to start ecommerce or dropshipping, but doesn’t need thousands of Euros in capital. You pay less than €30 per Month and get access to all platform features as described above.

It is the most powerful tool that we recommend for all people who are selling online.

 1.  Minea

Minea is widely used as a product search tool and has a database that contains more than 10,000,000 advertisements. This database gets updated every day.

Minea, a tool that allows you to quickly begin your dropshipping/e-commerce business. The tool is able to spy on almost every social network (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat ). Its advertising library is therefore much bigger. This is the biggest advantage of Adspy over other tools.

It is a time-saver in product research. Minea filters allow you to filter your search by keyword, name of Facebook page, date the advertisement went live and many other options.

The Starter package costs $49 a month.

3.         Adspy

Adspy can be used to research products. It operates in the same manner. Adspy, however, collects ads not only from Facebook but also Instagram.

Dropispy users can log in to the platform. You will have access to Adspy’s huge database, which includes all the ads on social networks that were collected by Adspy algorithms.

You can filter results based upon several criteria including keyword, customer type, number or likes, type ad (photo-video, carousel), and more. It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to get a view of all the current market products and then to decide which marketing strategies are most effective.

Its cost is much higher than other tools. Adspy can be accessed for a monthly cost of $149. It is a great value considering the amount of functionality it offers.

We do not recommend this, especially not if you’re new to online sales or have a limited budget.

Dropispy provides the same features and more at a fraction of the cost of Dropispy.


Dropshipping is not easy if you don’t have enough information. The tools here will make product research much easier.

As you can see all adspy tool have the same operating principle. The differences lie in the additional features, such the analysis and comparison of competitor shops at Dropispy. Also, the price is $149 at Adspy as opposed to $29 Dropispy.

Dropispy, which is our favorite adspy tool, is also a great choice. Dropispy’s price advantage, ease-of-use, and other features are all there.

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