Electronic Mouse Trap

Ever since man first had homes, mice have been finding ways to enter those homes. Mice are rodents that carry disease and viruses with them that can be passed on to humans and make them sick. People have been looking for effective ways to rid their homes and businesses of mice for years. The first mousetrap was invented in 1894, by a gentleman by the name of William Hooker. Since then, there have been many other types of traps invented. One of the newest kinds of traps on the market is the electronic mouse trap. This trap has certain advantages over other types in that it is much safer for people and a single trap can be used to catch and kill many mice. Read more here about amazon coupon.

Traditional spring loaded mouse traps work fairly well. You load food onto the trigger and place it in a dark corner and then you wait. Eventually, the smell of the food will draw the mouse out, he will go to grab it and then snap! The trap will spring shut, snapping the mouse’s neck, killing it. Unfortunately, the strong spring mechanism in these traps can also hurt a child or a house pet. Another drawback to this type of trap is that once it has caught one mouse, it is useless until it is emptied and reset. An electronic mousetrap functions by delivering a lethal dose of electricity to a mouse. It is possible for this type of trap to catch multiple mice, without having to be emptied.

An electronic mouse trap works by electrocuting a mouse, once it completes the circuit, by contacting two electrodes that are located either at the entrance of the trap or nearer to the bait. These electrodes are typically housed in an insulated or plastic box, which helps prevent people and household pets from being shocked. Bait is placed inside of the trap, and when the mouse enters, they complete the circuit, causing the electric shock to be emitted, which then kills them. An electronic mouse trap can’t “miss” as spring loaded traps sometimes do, nor can it simply injure a mouse, so it is a very effective choice.

If you have a mouse problem in your home, an electronic mouse trap is a good alternative to traditional spring loaded traps. Safer than poisons and more effective than many other types of trap, these mouse traps can help you succeed in achieving a rodent free home.follow this link Electronic mouse trap for more info.