Factors That Affect Solar Panels Efficiency

What Factors Affect Solar PV System Efficiency - Eco Green Energy

There are factors affecting solar power generation and these factors need to be considered, so you can enjoy the full efficiency of your solar energy. The collection of solar energy from the sun could be better if all the necessary things needed to be applied. Here is information on factors that affect solar panel efficiency.

What Is Solar Cell Efficiency?

Solar cell efficiency is the energy collected from the sun and converted to electricity. Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells that are responsible for converting sunlight to usable energy. 

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Efficiency


When the temperature is low, the efficiency of the solar panel in collecting energy is high, while during high temperatures the efficiency decreases. Some may think that higher temperature can make the solar panel collect more energy, but it’s actually the opposite. Therefore, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the efficiency factors of the solar panel so that you can adjust your system if necessary.

Energy Conversion Efficiency 

The type of solar modules used can affect the conversion of energy. High-quality solar panels can convert more energy than using cheaper kinds. Brand and materials should be checked when purchasing solar panels, as they say, the cheapest is not always the best. Choose solar providers whom you can trust when it comes to recommending solar panel’s quality and brand. 

Shadings and Obstructions

Solar panels are ideally put on the roof since this is the portion of the home where the sun strikes the most. Otherwise, they will have to put it somewhere else. If the whole area of solar panels can be exposed to sunlight, then the efficiency can increase. Photovoltaic cells are connected in a series; shaded portions can lessen the efficiency of the whole panel. That’s why it is important to keep your solar panel out of the shade. Some elements, such as huge trees or tall buildings, can block the solar panel. These should be avoided.  

Orientation and Location 

The solar panel has a standard orientation and even inclination to be able to have 100% efficiency. South, southeast, or southwest would be best. During the on-site inspection, solar technicians will check the best angle on how to install your solar panels. For the inclination of the solar panel, tilting at the proper angle is also important since this can affect the collection of the sun’s radiant. Location is also one factor to be considered. There are places where the sun shines all year round and there are places where the sun only visits on some days. You can use the power of technology to get more precise data on the weather in your place or, better yet, let your solar provider assist you in this matter, and they can give more accurate information about it. 

Monitoring and Operation

Remote monitoring can be done, so your solar provider can check the level of energy getting into your solar panel system. They can also monitor the condition of your solar panel system, so they can see if there is any unusual activity that may affect the efficiency of your solar panel. 


Getting the regular maintenance of your solar panel system can keep its efficiency at its best. Solar panels can last 15 to 25 years when taken care of properly, you can save from repairs and replacements. Maintenance is done once a year or as needed. Maintaining your solar panel system in its best condition can be a good way to make sure that everything is functioning well. Any malfunction of the component of your solar panel can be a factor that can lead to a decrease in its efficiency. So, maintenance plays an essential role in taking care of your solar panel’s condition. 

Now that you have an idea of the factors that affect solar panels efficiency. You can take precautionary measures to protect your solar panel system as well as have an idea of when to call your solar provider for assistance. Maximize the efficiency of your solar panel system, so you can get as much solar energy as you can. In this way, you can get your return on investment faster as well as enjoy your solar energy usage.