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Futurist keynote speaker Brian Solis introduces a new speech to his menu of popular topics.

The Rise of Generation-Novel, New Leadership, and How the Post-Pandemic Consumer and Employee has Changed Forever

We all know the story of how businesses experienced 10 years of digital transformation in the first several months following pandemic shutdowns. But companies weren’t alone in their digital disruption. People too had to learn how to adapt to a digital-first world practically overnight. Customers changed. Employees changed. Yesterday’s leadership is no longer going to be able to navigate the next normal without understanding the human side of digital disruption.

Bringing a 2020 mindset to this new world will only make businesses irrelevant to new customers and employers disconnected to employees and prospects. A new genre of leadership is needed to thrive in this new world.

World-renowned digital anthropologist, best-selling author Brian Solis will share his research at Salesforce during the pandemic documenting what he calls, “Generation-Novel” and the rise of a Novel Economy. In his presentation, he’ll share…
  • The impacts of digital on customer behaviors, expectations, and values
  • The effects of living a digital-first life on mental health, wellness, and productivity
  • The growing digital skills divide following the great resignation
  • In-demand skill sets for an evolving workforce
  • New leadership traits and ways to thrive in the novel economy
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