How Self-Coaching Can Transform Your Life And Career


Marketing Podcast with David Novak

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview David Novak. David is the Founder and CEO of David Novak Leadership, the parent organization to five nonprofits dedicated to developing leaders at every stage of life, from ages 5 to 65. He’s the host of the top-ranked business podcast, How Leaders Lead with David Novak. David is also the Co-author of his newest book – Take Charge of You: How Self Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career. And lastly, he was a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of one of the world’s largest restaurant companies: Yum! Brands.

Key Takeaway:

Everyone could use a good coach to help them reach their full potential. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough good ones to go around, and oftentimes, the ones that exist are too expensive or sought-after for most of us to even consider hiring them. But that doesn’t mean you should have to go without. In this episode, I talk with CEO and best-selling author, David Novak, about how powerful coaching can start with you. We dive into how self-coaching can help you fast-track success and transform your life.

Questions I ask David Novak:

  • [1:45] Are you in some ways taking on the existing coaching industry?
  • [4:27] The best coaches don’t tell you what to do, they ask you questions. Could you talk about how questioning is a big part of this book?
  • [5:25] Have you thought about this as a leadership book?
  • [8:42] Could you tell me a little bit about the process of identifying the joy blockers and joy builders?
  • [11:20] Why did you land on joy as the key metric?
  • [12:20] Have you seen people get better at self-coaching?
  • [19:04] Where can people connect with you and find out more about your work?

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