A new report shows credit card debt has been on the decline. But could rising interest rates and inflation upend the better money habits you may have built? Host Teri Barr is talking with Sara Rathner, a Personal Finance Expert at NerdWallet, to learn what to expect in the months ahead. Sara also shares a few ideas you can take action on right now to manage your credit card debt during big fluctuations in the economy. Previous Pennywise episodes featuring Sara: High gas prices have you down? Try these 4 simple tips to save at the pump!  How to protect yourself from debt collectors using this new tactic Ready for Spring Break? Things to consider before booking vacations in 2022 Financial Resolutions: Tips for Better Budgeting in 2022 Life after Debt? How to Manage Debt so it Stops Managing You! Ten Things a Digital Wallet can do to Simplify Your Finances Money and Your Emotions: How to Make Your Values Your Spending Guide More from Sara at NerdWallet: How Millennials Can Take Their Money Beyond the Basics Revamped PayPal Cashback Card Will Earn 3% on Purchases Via PayPal Forget the Fed, Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt How to Avoid Credit Card Interest — or at Least Reduce It  How One-Income Couples Can Remain Equals Support the show: https://omny.fm/shows/pennywise See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


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