How to Sell Books On Amazon in 2021- Step By Step Guide

How to Sell Books on Amazon: Tips on Selling New & Used Books 2021

If you are looking for an additional income stream, selling books on Amazon would be a great choice for you in 2021. When deciding on books, again you have a number of choices depending on your financial resources and priorities from which you can decide which book or books you are going to sell on Amazon. Creating your own online book store with a limited audience or going for a book shop is a retired idea for 2021. If you want to get a high return on the investment you will be making, then go and sell books online at Amazon which has over 300 Million active users and half of them are in need of books. 

Decide which book/books you want to sell

Deciding on the profit-winning books which you would be selling on Amazon is the main decision you would be taking before going to start selling online. There might be some books which you would love to sell but what you would love to sell might not generate sales for you. This is the reason; you should go for professional assistance like ZonBase Blog which will get you with the best options to sell on Amazon.

Decide the marketplace you want to sell

Before having Amazon Seller Account, it’s better to decide which marketplace you would be selling in. There are three large marketplace of Amazon in world along with a number of new and emerging marketplaces. It’s better to target buyers in larger marketplaces like America, United Kingdom and Australia rather to target growing buyers in small marketplaces like India. 

Create Amazon Seller Account 

The second important thing after deciding on which book you will be selling on Amazon is to decide with the right marketplace of Amazon. 

What you need is to list the book on Amazon Seller Account with a catchy title, informative bullet points, and description.  Before getting your product live, you need to 

Decide Fulfillment Option

After getting registered you need to decide what would be your Fulfillment option. It’s good to have FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) at the beginning to lower the costs of storage and shipping. With FBM, you need to store books yourself and send them through currier once you receive an order. Afterward, when you would be getting more orders, then it’s better for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and start getting profits on sales only. With FBA, you would be sending your stock to Amazon warehouse where Amazon would be taking care of your stock and sending it to the customers who would be purchasing your books. 

Decide where to get books to sell

There are a number of sources from where you can get your required books. If you are selling used books, in good conditions, then old book shops and book sale points would be a great sourcing point but if you are selling new books, then you can source your books from wholesalers, distributors, and even directly from producers and authors.