Lessons I Learned From Steve Jobs About Money and Wealth Creation

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and visionary leader not only changed the face of technology but the face of wealth creation. And here are two lessons I learned from Steve Jobs about wealth Creation.

The first lesson is that wealth creation is not all about hard work and brilliance.

While Steve Jobs may have been creative and hard working, the world is filled with brilliant, creative and hardworking people but they are not wealthy.

It may surprise you but wealth creation has very little to do with hard work and brilliance alone.

As I have always say “if all it took was hard work to create wealth our grandparents would have all been millionaires.”

Steve Jobs worked incredibly hard and was brilliant but it was his ability to leverage the skills and efforts of others that would eventually make him the iconic figure he became.

He had no programming skills but he was able to leverage the skills of computer programers and engineers to develop the revolutionary iMac computer and iProducts.

He just knew how to leverage other people resources and instead of earning a salary, he opted to have his income paid in the form of shares and stock options and as a result Steve Jobs was amongst the world wealthiest with an estimated net worth of more than $6.7 billion. And according to Bloomberg, he was paid at least $242 million in dividends before taxes since 2006.

This one skill of leveraging other people skills and talents can be used very quickly and easily to get you on the fast track to wealth creation. It has not only been used by Steve Jobs but other multinational such as McDonald’s and Dominos Pizza to grow through a shared ownership, franchisor-franchisee business model.

The second lesson I learn from Steve Jobs is that he was very controlling and all about control.

Controlling everything including the environment in which Apple products were create and used. And most of all he controlled his money. Despite his vast wealth he lived a rather simple life.

So what can you learn from these lessons from Steve Jobs.

Well simply that if you are going to create wealth you have to find a way to leverage the skills and efforts of others. And the best way to do this is by investing.

You see when you invest you allow the collective powers of other people resources including their money and skills to work for you.

You leverage the collective funds of other investors, you also leverage the skills of the investment fund managers that manage the funds and the collective management ability of the person that operate the companies in which you have invested.

But it all starts with the most fundamental of all wealth creation activity, controlling your money.

When you control your money you allow yourself to have the resources or savings necessary for investing.

If you are not saving a portion of every dollar you earn then you are not giving yourself the ultimate tool for wealth creation, your ability to invest.

Beginning today, decide that you will use these lessons from Steve Jobs, leveraging the skills and resources of others and controlling your money to start creating wealth. As the wealth you will create will not only be for yourself but for everyone else connected to you.

And if you need help controlling your money, Taking Control of Your Money e-book, is a useful resource to get you started.

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