Network Marketing Process – Know Your Role

Now for those of us who have been in an MLM/Network Marketing business for even just a short time, we notice that there are a few distinct areas or processes that we need to spend time on. These processes may include trying to generate leads, prospecting, building and maintaining relations, product presentations, cold calling and so on.

In reality though, the point where we make money only lies in two out of all those processes – either when you make sales or sign up a new distributor. Every other process you do may contribute to your business growth, but you only make money in either of those two. This comes pretty clear to most of us rather early and what you usually want to do is focus mainly on the two processes and then leverage the rest.

After all, in MLM, it is YOUR business, meaning you are the supposed ‘CEO’ of YOUR business. That is your main role. Now does the CEO of a company do everything? Of course not – they usually leave most of the other work to other departments. The IT-related issues are handled by the IT department. The marketing stuff is handled obviously by the Marketing & PR, and Human Resources also has its own department. They have specialists looking after and directing specific areas.

Now what exactly does this have to do with being a Network Marketing distributor? A lot of up-lines do like to preach and lecture about leveraging, in the form of having your down-lines do the rest of your prospecting for you. But what about taking it a step further?

With the growth of technology within the past decade or so, things are now actually a lot easier than before. As a network marketer, your business still involves processes like finding contacts, prospecting, presenting and so on, just like a company usually has to deal with marketing, human resources, finance, and so on. But like a CEO, you can leverage these processes too. Using this concept, you would usually leverage these processes to your sponsored distributors. Taking this one step further, you can even leverage off technology instead of hiring all these people to ‘run your departments’ using the internet, which I show in my MLM training.

So what is your role then, in your own MLM business now that you are leveraging all the other processes?

Leadership – much like the directors of companies, their role is mainly the strategic planning of the organization, in terms of long-term sustainability and growth over not just a period of months, but years in the making. As the director of your own business, you role is to oversee the growth and sustainability of your business. The same goes for MLM.

Your role in your MLM business is to be a leader. Essentially, in order to sustain long term growth, you must assume the role of a leader – this means, you need to be able to guide, motivate, inspire, teach, coach and most important of all, duplicate.

The key to your MLM growth is not just to master all the processes behind it – but being able to duplicate your skills, knowledge and expertise to those you sponsor and have them do the same. This is the essence of any MLM business.

This is why many distributors at first find it hard to sponsor a new rep or hard to get their own reps to sponsor new ones. They may have excellent skills in communication and sales – but they may have failed to be duplicable!

So now that we’ve established our role in a network marketing business is to be a leader. How exactly do we become this leader and have all the qualities we need to teach people and effectively duplicate ourselves?

A great mentor said once that leaders always learn and never stop learning. Once you stop learning, you stop leading. By any means necessary, commit to learning and education. Learn the things that would be valuable to your business, such as ways to generate a potentially endless amount of MLM leads or leveraging off the internet and automate MLM prospecting for example, and then practice it to the level of mastery until you can teach it to others.

These are summed up into these easy steps:

1 Learn – 2 Practice – 3 Master – 4 Teach

Then repeat step one onwards. You have to go back and learn some more. In fact, when you teach, you will find that you learn even more as you continue to add value to your team.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes says, “I am not just a master. I am a student-master. I am a master, but I am still learning.”

Eventually, you will recognize your team becoming leaders themselves! In this business, you are not only becoming a leader yourself but you are also creating leaders. That is your ultimate objective in network marketing growth.

The techniques that I present in my MLM training are those that can be easily taught and passed on, as these are also duplicable.

So for all you network marketers out there, let us all commit ourselves to any means for continuous learning!

Best of luck to you and your business success,

Michaelangelo Flores

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