Networking Intelligence

Networking Intelligence TM is a term which describes the protocol and behaviors associated with business networking. Similar to other forms of intelligence, it guides the establishment, growth and sustainability of relationships in business and social connections. Understanding this terminology can greatly impact any type of networking process / procedure. It can also explore insights on how to navigate through networking scenarios, develop quality relationships and assess relevant techniques for successful business and social outcomes.

Listed below are a few elements that individuals and organizations can use to bring more awareness and understanding.

The Give and Take Quotient

Networking is a two way street. Individuals need to focus on not only receiving help but also being a support and giving back. In common terms, “paying it forward” means offering to assist but probably receiving assistance in the later future. Others may ask for help initially but they are open to offering help where applicable during that particular time or later in the future. Either way, it is important to gauge and communicate expectations when developing relationships.

The Development Quotient

Networking is an excellent way of building professional skills, learning new things and sharing resources. It offers an effective platform for exchange and development. Savvy networkers use it to find mentors, sponsors, coaches, customers, colleagues, etc. There are many benefits for connecting with like minded people and being an active member of business and social communities. It also allows individuals and organizations to advance in their agendas to reach goals, meet objectives and carry out missions.

The Branding Quotient

Networking is also a tool for promoting professional and personal brands. It offers a mechanism for exposure, awareness and promotion for marketing purposes. People and companies can utilize it for expanding their reach, creating recognition, partnering and collaborating. The significance of having a strong, consistent and marketable brand improves one’s trust, respect and credibility. This can also increase access to more favorable opportunities.

Whether online or offline, individuals and organizations can implement this form of intelligence to maximize their strategic objectives and efforts. Being able to tap into the above elements and grow viable networks offer a plethora of advantages. Applying these protocols and behaviors can strengthen relationships, skill sets and the brand of a person or company.

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