Start Your Own Mushroom Growing Business

Sell mushrooms locally or nationally….. starting in the garden shed and extending to a massive warehouse….. and generating fabulous profits for you. Let me tell you how it’s done.

Mushrooms are highly prized for their nutritional value, as well as the fact they taste good and help add interest and taste to countless different recipes.

For those reasons and because few people dislike them, mushroom growing represents a very profitable business opportunity for virtually anyone to consider, even without experience or prior knowledge, and without having capital to invest.

Earnings depend on the kind of mushrooms you grow as well as the size of your business and how many mushrooms you actually produce. More than this, however, your profits depend mainly on how well you market your business and how many repeat clients you attract.

So if your mushroom growing business exists in a spare bedroom or attic, or from the garden shed, you’re unlikely to grow enough crop to satisfy demand from family and friends, compared to having an allotment or barn and having thousands of mushroom beds growing at any one time.

Mushrooms are a year round delicacy with plenty of eager buyers willing to pay high prices for really quality stock. Those potential clients include families, hotels and cafes, shops and restaurants, and more besides.

So for obvious reasons it’s best to determine from the very beginning just how big you want your mushroom growing business to be and to work towards that objective. By all means start small, in a spare bedroom, for example, but if you intend to grow a massive business at least begin looking for suitable premises right from your first day in business.

Learn all you can about the mushroom growing business in your first few months, make a bit of money, then use that knowledge and money to grow your business as big as you want it to be.

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