Top 5 Yahoo Finance & News Press Release Distribution Services


Having your press release featured or published by news websites or corporations has always been one of the most popular marketing techniques to ensure your brand or product is heard and seen far and wide.  The impact of this increases significantly if you publish via a big-name brand such as Yahoo!.

Founded in 1996, Yahoo! News is a news aggregation service.  Over the years, its provision moved from simply collating news from websites such as the BBC or CNN to hiring famous news anchors such as Katie Couric, in order to stream and report on live news as well as simply posting it.  The website boasts over 264 million visits each month, and is the 169th most visited website in the world and 24th most visited news website.  Yahoo! Finance was launched in 1997 and works with Yahoo! News on releasing only finance related updates.  Yahoo! Finance is known for impartial and comprehensive financial news, and is the 22nd most popular news website in the world.

The outcome here is that both sites are very credible resources, read by millions of people each year.  If you get your brand featured on either Yahoo! News or Yahoo! Finance, it will add a lot of credibility to what you do, and will work wonders on getting your message to as many people as possible: people who rightly believe and trust the credibility of these sites.

Using Yahoo! Finance or Yahoo! News to publish a news article or a press release about your company might be one of the best marketing decisions you ever make, and a critical part of your marketing strategy.  These sites have serious readership and therefore brand power.

The catch is that as you know, Yahoo! doesn’t accept press releases directly.  Instructing a PR firm to get your news published on Yahoo! will be prohibitively expensive.  You could reach out to Yahoo! through one of their authorized news sources, or use a newswire or press release distribution service. 

Press release distribution services offer an affordable and flexible service that can help you create and publish press releases.  They partner with various media outlets to ensure your press release is published in the right place, to the right audience, at the right time.  This article discusses the top five Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News press release distribution services to use.

1). NewswireNEXT

Top on our list is NewswireNEXT. The reason why we have listed NewswireNEXT as the Number 1 ranking Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance press release distribution service is because of its highly affordable pricing ($999), reach and guaranteed pickups (up to 700 News sites). Not only does it publish your press release on Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Money, and other Yahoo sites, but big name sites like Bloomberg (News – Alert) and Nasdaq too.

The good thing is that apart from other topics, they are now also accepting Crypto, NFT, Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain related press releases for Yahoo distribution. NewswireNEXT ensures that your press release is syndicated to hundreds of online news outlets, newspapers, TV, Media Houses and Radio Sites, and indexed in major search engines like Google (News – Alert) News, and Bing News. Moreover, they allow you to add links and one image in your press release without any extra fee. Once the distribution is complete they send you a distribution report with approximately Live 700 press release pickup links.

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2). Cision

Cision operates as a standalone press release distribution service and through a suite of subsidiaries including Eureka, HARO, North Social, PR Newswire (News – Alert), and PR Web.  These different products ensure that you can get your press release out to the right audience.  As a standalone service, Cision offers you distribution to leading websites such as Google and Yahoo! as a basic element of its product.  Cision also offers ‘Connect’, an online networking tool linking marketers with industry experts and reporters.

Cision allows you to measure the effectiveness of your press release’s distribution through comprehensive reporting and analytical tools.  This way, you can quantify the impact of using sites like Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance in order to understand how well they’re working for you.

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3). PR Newswire

PR Newswire also links with respected and major search engines and news sites such as Yahoo!, but offers plenty of flexibility beyond this offering.  PR Newswire’s reach of 20,000 journalists, 3,000 media outlets and a further 4,000 websites ensures that you can partner your press release’s presence on Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance with a customizable reach across other mediums, in local, regional or national markets.

A particular strength of PR Newswire lies in its ability to allow you to customize your press releases before they are published. You can make them interactive and visual, ensuring that your press releases really leap off the page.  The service offers plenty of reporting tools to allow you to manage your press campaign effectively.

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4). GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire benefits from a truly global reach, publishing press releases in over ninety different countries and thirty-five different languages.  Their service offers plenty of press release enhancements such as video press releases, and various forms of viewer interaction.  There is also live steam option. 

GlobeNewswire partners with Yahoo!, and is especially respected through its attention to detail.  Every press release submitted through GlobeNewswire is rigorously fact-checked before it’s published, ensuring that your press release – whether it’s published on Yahoo! or elsewhere – is polished, accurate and completely credible.

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5). Business Wire

Business Wire is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway group, and since its inception in 1961 has developed an impressive bank of 100,000 media outlets across 160 countries, including Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance.  The company’s wide reach across different types of journalism means that you can pick a package where distribution on Yahoo! New sites is partnered with other formats, such as social media presence and bloggers, for example.

Alongside its market-leading reach, Business Wire also offers powerful analytical tools and customization options, making this press release distribution service a good all-round option, whatever your marketing needs might be.

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Final Words

Press release distribution services can be highly beneficial for your organization.  They are cheap, easy to use, and put your news in the hands of professionals who ensure it reaches the right audience.  In addition to this, press release distribution services partner with large websites such as Yahoo! to allow marketers to gain reach on their influential and widely-read platforms. 

No two press release distribution services are the same.  When you are creating your PR and marketing strategy, take some time to work out what you want from your press release, and who it should be targeted towards.  Discuss with your team how you want Yahoo! to work for you.  Then, investigate all the different press release distribution services to find one that aligns your needs.  This way, you will ensure that you are getting excellent value for money and an optimal return on investment.


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